Crochet all the Things!

How My Love of Yarn and Crochet Began

It all started with becoming a mother and finding some extra time on my hands while being home with my daughter.  When she was about 6 months old my sister in law started making her some crocheted toys.  As a child I had picked up a knitting needle one time at my Nan’s house but had no idea what I was doing and quickly gave up.  I figured with crochet it was a little less intimidated and felt it was something I could learn.  I did a few youtube searches and found alot of great videos on how to make pretty much anything!  I borrowed a hook and bought ball of white yarn and got started.

It wasn’t easy.  It took me what felt like forever to get used to the very basic’s!  I kept at it though and couldn’t wait to make all the cute baby stuff that was filling up my Pinterest boards.  While I can’t recall the exact first project I do know that this little bunny hat was one of the very first.  Watching her in her jumper with the little ears flopping was just the cutest!

After I got my first few hats done I was looking to make a little extra money by selling them.  I started small and made a simple facebook business page online.

Since then I’ve given up my job as a cake decorator, added a second little one to our family and now work from home full time.  I am so thankful of the great local support that kept me going and pushed me to now have a international online business.  Now I’m looking forward to writing more patterns and really getting into designing!


Want to make a bunny hat yourself for your little one?  I’ve also posted my first free pattern which you can find here in my free crochet pattern’s.  Can’t wait to see what you talented ladies (and gents) come up with.

Now off to catch up on some fox orders~